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 Nature's ultimate material

Shhhhhh .... the Golf Gods are speaking


Bamboo is highly eco-friendly because it is a material resource that requires no fertilizers or chemicals and it regenerates itself easily.


When Bamboo fibers are spun into rayon, the result is a sock with almost mystical characteristics:

A. they have cashmere-like softness

B. they are Anti-microbial, meaning the "kun" in the fibers kills bacteria that can breed and cause odor. Believe it or not, QUIET PLEASE socks can be worn several times without washing and even left in lockers or car trunks and they will never smell.

C. they are ionized, so they stimulate muscles, energizing your feet so they don't get tired and achy. The feet are the engines of a golfer's energy, and rejuvenated feet help generate more powerful shots from the first hole all the way through to the eighteenth.

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